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Protect Your Baby
​Disposable Diapers contain harsh chemicals such as Dioxin that can lead to serious respiratory problems, hormonal problems and Toxic Shock Syndrom (TSS).
Save 75%
Cloth Diapering your baby will save you a minimum of €1500 on disposable diapers, that is including the cost of washing detergents, water and electricity cost to clean them.
Help the Environment
It is estimated that a standard gel-filled disposable diaper will take 500 years to decompose. That means that all diapers every used are lying somewhere in a landfill.

We give you a 1-year guarantee from date of purchase on the workmanship and materials of the product. If something is wrong with any of our products just send us an email.

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​How Much Do You Want to Cloth Diaper?

Trial Pack
Value Deal - 6 Diapers, 12 Inserts
10 Pack Part Time CDing
20 Pack Full Time

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