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Benefits of Cloth Diapering

environmentProtect Your Baby

Cloth Diapers are free from any chemicals, unlike disposable diapers which contain Dioxin, Tributyl-tin (TBT) and Sodium Polyacrylate.

Dioxin is the result of the bleaching process. It is a chemical listed by the EPA as the most toxic of all carcinogen chemicals. Animal studies have shown that irritate the skin, causing diaper rash. Dioxin also cause nerve damage, birth defects, an increased rate of miscarriages and changes to the immune system.

Tributyl-tin (TBT), also found in disposable diapers, is a toxin known to cause hormonal problems, a substance known to cause toxic shock syndrome, and the chemical emissions from disposables can cause respiratory problems in children.

Sodium Polyacrylate, the super absorbent gelling material, or AGM, that allows your baby to go long periods in one diaper. Sodium Polyacrylate has been linked to an increase in childhood asthma, a decrease in sperm count among boys, toxic shock syndrome, as well as allergic reactions, and it’s is potentially lethal to pets.

So why not chose pocket diapers? An alternative solution with 0 chemicals.

environmentSave 75% on Diapering Costs

Cloth diapers cost more upfront but save you considerably in the long run.

Roughly, based on a child that potty trains by the age of 2.5 years, it is estimated that disposable diapers cost anywhere between Eur2200 - Eur2500.

A full package of Pocket Diaper diapers, including any other accessories that you might need to cloth diaper cost Eur495. Laundring your pocket diapers every 2- 3 days, including detergants, water and electricty, for roughly 2.5 years will add an additional Eur220. That means your total is Eur715 for the first child and Eur220 (laundrey only) for your second and thrid child. That's a minimum savings of 67.5% (Eur1785) to 71.4% (Eur1485).

Pocket diapers are a sustainable solution whereby everyone benefits. First and foremost your child is rash free and not being exposed to toxic chemicals. The environment benefits tremendously since less raw materials are being used less waste ends up in landfils during production and after the product has been used. And finally, you make major savings!

Wouldn't you prefer to have a healthier baby, living in a healthier planet with more cash to enjoy your your children?

environmentSave the Environment

It takes 20x more raw material and produce 60x more solid waster to make 1 disposable diaper than it takes to make 1 cloth diaper.

It takes 250 - 500 years for a single disposable diaper to break down in a landfill. That means, all the disposable diapers EVER used are still in a landfill somewhere in the world. These diapers are full of germs, viruses, bacteria and vaccines and pose a threat to the wildlife and ecostysem in general.

On the other hand, pocket cloth diapers are used over and over before heading to the landfill, and they they take about 5 months to break down.