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About us

How & Why it Started

Happy Tushie is a Maltese (a tiny country in Europe) owned company by a mother of a newborn, Marija. During her pregnancy Marija started to realize how much diapers were going to cost her and the environment and she made it her objective to give mothers and fathers in her situation a better alternative. At first this was just an idea, but then, after she continued reading and doing research, she realized how many chemicals are in disposable diapers. She didn't see any other option but to go for modern cloth diapers instead. So, she started sampling different types of cloth diapers.

"I wanted the convenience of disposable diapers, with the benefits of cloth diapers – I was looking for an all-in-one that was absorbent, easy to use, easy to clean in fun prints and brightly coloured fabrics."

That was when she decided that the European market needed pocket diapers which are affordable and convenient.

After researching all the options available to clothe her baby’s bottom, she decided that Modern Cloth Nappies were ideal. The arrival of her son provided her with the inspiration to create a product that is not only good for her baby, but also the environment and her pocket.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide quality eco-friendly products that are as easy-to-use, convenient and better than the disposable alternatives, for parents and children.”

Happy Tushie is a small company that will do everything within its power to help new mums and dads save loads of money without wasting all their free time taking care of the diapers. Instead they could use their new cash and time with their little bundles of joy.