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1. What are Pocket Diapers ?

A pocket diaper has a moisture-resistant diaper shape with an absorbent insert stuffed into a opening in the diaper.

A pocket diaper is a cuter version of the disposable diaper with a water proof outer layer and a suede inside layer, with a pocket in between for an insert which absorbs the moisture away from the baby.

The outer layer could be either plain or in a variety of prints and colours. The suede layer is not absorbent, but rather acts like a wick and draws moisture towards the middle layer - the insert - made of bamboo, microfibre or bamboo charcoal, to keep your baby's bottom dry.

2. How to wash pocket diapers?

When you take the diaper off the baby, remove the insert so it can be washed properly. Open the back pocket and give the insert a little tug to drop it in the diaper pail. Wash everything together.

3. What are Cloth Diaper Inserts?

Each Happy Tushie pocket diaper comes with one super-absorbent 3 layer microfibre insert. However, you can buy and stuff each diaper with more than one insert.

Inserts come in : 3 Layer bamboo, 4 layer Microfibre & Bamboo, 5 Layer Microfibre & Bamboo, 3 Layer Microfibre and Bamboo Charcoal. The more layers, the more absorbent the insert is.

Because you can choose how many inserts to use with each diaper and of which kind, you customize each diaper change to your baby's needs.

4. What are all-in-one (AIO) diapers?

All in one diapers (AIO) consist of a multi-layered absorbent inner diaper, integrated with an outer waterproof cover. The diaper is fitted to your baby's size and shape.

Since everything your baby needs is wrapped up in one cloth diaper package, all in one diapers are extremely easy to use. There are no extras to reach for or to forget. Since there is nothing to separate out, you have only one easy wash routine.

5. What is an AI2?

AI2 stands for All-in-Twos. The diaper has an absorbent layer (like an insert) that attaches to the inside of the diaper with snaps. You can remove the layer for washing and then snap it back on. It also has a pocket like the pocket diaper for an extra level of absorbency. Happy Tushie AI2 diapers have double gussets to prevent leakages, hip snaps to ensure a snug fit on your baby, PUL waterproof outer-body and an inner liner that draws moisture away from the baby, keeping them dry. These diapers also have two open ends for inserting the insert into place with tabs that go over the ends keeping the insert inside.

6. Do I need a Diaper cover with Happy Tushie Diapers?

No, all our diapers are covered in a waterproof material which prevents moisture leaking out.