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What You Will Need to Cloth Diaper Full Time
24 x Diapers : ​Happy Tushie recommends having 20 – 30 nappies for full time use. This is enough nappies for around 2 - 3 days’ wear – when two day’s worth of nappies are in use, the other two day’s worth are in the wash, with a few to spare.

We find that having less nappies, and therefore using each nappy more frequently, means each nappy gets a much bigger work-out and deteriorates faster, which may mean they do not last from birth to toilet training. By having a good sized stash, you are spreading the wear and tear over a larger number of nappies, helping them to last over a longer period of time.

12 x Wipes : You’ll need around 12-24 wipes. Cloth wipes can be pre-moistened or use plain water while changing the diaper. This will save you buying many boxes of wet ones - which also have additional chemicals which you can avoid.

10 x Extra Inserts: Happy Tushie Diapers each come with a 3-layer microfibre insert. However, for longer periods of time, you are encouraged to add an extra insert (layer) of either Bamboo or Bamboo Charcoal insert which is extremely absorbent. Depending on your child, you would need either one or two extra inserts. So you can start with a pack of 10.

2 x Travel-Size Dry/Wet Bag: One or Two is all you need. Put the clean diapers in the dry section and the dirty wipes and diapers in the wet section. Our Dry/Wet bags can take approximately 6 diapers.

2 x Pail Liners: You would also need 2 waterproof pail liners and a large enough waste bin or laundry basket. A waterproof pail liner with a zipper at the bottom will make it easier to store dirty diapers until the next wash. Then throw the diapers and the pail liner in the washing machine and put the clean pail liner onto the laundry basket.


1 Roll x Biodegradable Liners : The flushable viscose liners are placed inside the diaper, next to the baby's skin and will stop the solids, but allow moisture to pass through and be absorbed by the diaper.

2 x Swim Diapers : They will keep any solids contained inside the diaper without weighing the baby down.