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How to Care For Cloth Diapers
1. Get a pail – a kitchen bin or laundry basket would do it.

2. Cover it with a waterproof Pail Liner (LINK) as urine will probably leak out of the diapers once they are left in the bin.

Important : Do NOT add water to the diaper pail. Happy Tushie Diapers should NOT be soaked in water or any corrosive substance.

3. When you remove a used diaper from your baby – remove as much waste as possible from the diaper. If you are breastfeeding your baby, you don't need to worry about this, as the poo will not smell. If you formula feed or have started solid foods, shake excess waste into the toilet and if you have one, use a diaper sprayer to remove the rest. Pull out the insert, and throw into the diaper pail separately. Then leave the diaper in the diaper pail until your next wash cycle.

4. ​Wash the diapers, inserts, wipes and pail liner together, at least every 3-4 days in a long cycle in the washing machine, using a non-bio detergent at temperatures of 30 Degrees Celcius or less.

5. Wash ALL Diapers and Inserts before first use. This makes sure that any bacteria or dust they might have encountered on their way to you is gone but also to remove any extra fluff that they might have and make them more absorbent. Our Diapers will reach maximum absorbency with the 5-6 wash.

6. When washing cloth diapers, always use a detergent free of perfumes, dyes, whiteners, brighteners, softeners, enzymes, or other fabric enhancers. Using too much detergent may cause cloth diapers to leak.

In the washing machine :

Start with a cold rinse to prevent stains

Run a full hot wash with liquid detergent such as the one you use for your baby's clothes.

Adding ¼ cup white vinegar once per month in the hot wash cycle helps fight odours. A small amount of baking soda or vinegar might help to deodorize your diapers.


Diapers can be either dried in a dryer in a normal cycle or else can be hanged to dry in the sun, especially if there are any stains.

High heat or direct sunlight will sterilize cloth diapers if you find that necessary.

Warning : Do not use bleach or abrasives to remove stains.