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16 Reasons why you SHOULD be cloth diapering

16 reasons why you should be cloth diaperingIn the last 10 years or so, cloth diapers have made revolutionary changes! There's no comparison between the cloth diapers your mum or grandma used to use and today's modern cloth diapers. Today's diapers are easy to use, do not stain so easily, come in plenty of colors and prints, are contoured and pin-less! You can read more about how to care for cloth diapers.


Reason No 1: Easy-to-Use - Today there's no use of pins and folding. They are just as easy as the disposable ones. They are fitted and contoured and come in one-size fits all, with several adjustments.
Reason No 2: Save a ton of money - A family of 2 saves roughly Eur3,600 by the second child just by choosing cloth diapers over disposables, that includes laundry costs for both babies.
Reason No 3: Cloth Diapers are Comfortable - Unlike disposables, cloth nappies are soft, breathable and comfortable for your baby.
Reason No 4: No Nasty Chemicals - Disposable nappies contain perfumes, gels, drying agents, fragrances which are linked to many health problems. To the contrary cloth diapers are chemical free.
Reason No 5: Save the Environment - Approximately, every child uses around 5,300 disposable diapers from birth to potty training. Imagine that pile in a landfill and multiply it by every child born in this country!
Reason No 6: Reduced Chance of Asthma – The results of a study published in 1999 by Anderson Laboratories Inc. demonstrated that some types of disposable diapers emit chemicals that are toxic to the respiratory tract and that disposable diapers should be considered as one of the factors that might cause or exacerbate asthmatic conditions.


Reason No 7: Convenience - You only have to buy them once, no extra trips to the store when you're out of disposables.
Reason No 8: Less Storage Space Required - A stash of cloth diapers only require 1 drawer in your house! 16 reasons why you should be cloth diapering
Reason No 9: Earlier Potty Training - Children who cloth diaper are reported to potty train about 6 months earlier than children who don't. I don't know about you - but for me, that's very convenient!
Reason No 10: Less/No Diaper rash - The list of chemicals in diapers includes volatile organic compounds or VOCs (including toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene, and dipentene), sodium polyacrylate or SAP, dioxins, polyurethane, adhesives, lotions, inks, fragrances and pesticide residue. Some of these chemicals are cumulative and cancer-causing.
Reason No 11: Different Absorbency in one Diaper - Absorbency can be modified with the type and number of inserts you choose from multiple layers of microfiber, bamboo cotton, and charcoal, all of which are harmless to your baby.
Reason No 12: They are cute - Pocket Diapers come in many styles, colors, and patterns. They are cute and personal, which makes them a fun part of your wardrobe. Take a look at these really cute easy to use pocket diapers.
Reason No 13: Easy to Care for - Pocket Diapers are much easier to clean than the traditional cloth diapers - no need to swirl, dunk, bleach etc etc
Reason No 14: NO Blow-Outs - Happy Tushie cloth diapers make sure that you don't have to clean poop from all over your baby - a common happenstance with disposables!

And Finally...

Reason No 15: 1-Year Warranty - A good diaper company offers a 1-year warranty on the workmanship, materials, and components. Check out our warranty here.
Reason No 16: Re-sell them when you're done! Pocket Diapers hold their value and can be re-sold.
If we had to go into all the reasons why you should pocket diaper your baby, it would take us a week to cover them! I believe that the question should be : why should we ever use disposable diapers? I can't think of many good reasons why!